If you are thinking of having your picture taken or a rebrand for a new or already established business which you feel could benefit from some fresh wind, have a look at my branding photography package for small, independent business owners in York here. 

“Absolutely fantastic photographs! I couldn’t be more happy. I instructed Alice to do a branding shoot for me and she just ‘got me’ and my business immediately. Alice came up with fresh and new ideas that were just spot on. It was as though she was reading my mind (even though I wasn’t sure what I wanted!). I absolutely love the results. The whole process was so enjoyable! Alice was so easy to work with as well. Thank you so much!” – Andrea Morrison Coaching

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Andrea Morrison for a rebrand within her life coaching business. Andrea already has a successful brand but wanted to take her business along with her. It is easy to forget to update your social media presence as your business grows. You know what it is all about but your customers can’t see the progress you have made. Andrea’s rebrand included a fresh logo designed by Annina Diston, personal styling advice from Jackie Crawford and a new haircut. Finally to bring it all together and represent the rebrand new photos where needed. Yay!

When I first spoke to Andrea I asked her to give me some words she wanted to reflect through her branding photography. Immediately she replied: Fresh, newness, exciting, energy, accessible, not mainstream, entising. At the same time she wanted to attract corporaate and personal clients alike and didn’t really know how to present these words in photos. When I suggested quite a creative location in York I could hear her doubts. Taking pictures together is always a journey for me and my client. I love going on that journey together and I am so glad Andrea trusted me and came back a week later all excited about our fresh approach.

The results of trust, fresh wind, excitement, listening to each other and working together made this York branding photography session perfect.


Andrea Morrison coaching sitting with hands folded on bench in front of black and white wall smiling
Andrea Morrison coaching standing in front of magnolia tree looking up and smiling
Andrea Morrison talking to Annina Diston in Kiosk cafe York sitting opposite on table looking at each other
Andrea Morrison coaching sitting on chair in Kiosk cafe York
Andrea Morrison coaching standing in front of green leaves smiling
Andrea Morrison coaching sitting on a bench in front of black and white wall smiling
Andrea Morrison coaching leaning against colourful wall wearing white blouse smiling
Andrea Morrison coaching sitting in front of white wall talking and smiling
Portrait of Andrea Morrison coaching sitting on a bench in front of black and white wall smiling with sun on face
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“I actually don’t like ‘proper’ pictures being taken of me, I honestly think I could win an international gurning competition, I’m certainly not blessed with photogenic genes at all (so I have been told!). Anyway, all of that thinking aside, Alice had a very specific brief of ‘you know me, my work, do what feels right!’ she did not disappoint! OH MY GOODNESS! She has an incredible talent for really connecting with you and the whole process was a complete and utter joy I didn’t want it to end!. So all in all, if you’d like some branding photography – give Alice a call!!” – Andrea Morrison Coaching

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