Five reasons why a friend with a good camera will never be able to replace a professional photographer

Here is a semi-professional video (so weird making those ;)) if you don’t want to read too much or if you like me talking strangely at the camera with next door’s builders in the background. Go ahead. If you’d rather avoid that, I have written everything down below. Feel free to comment and share. I hope this is helpful. x

1. Quality and skill

Our gear we use is top notch camera equipment and is not cheap. The quality therefore is brilliant and high end. Your friend might have a DSLR and got some good pictures in the past but this will never match the quality of a high end camera. All skill and thought that goes into taken professional pictures takes years to learn and perfect, not just of taking pictures but also the editing afterwards. Most people are not familiar with this side of it (which normally takes just as much time as taking the pictures on the day). My friend recently posted to pictures on her Instagram feed and said. “I often hear people say my friend will take the pictures he or she has a good camera.” She then posted a pictures straight out the camera “I have got a good camera too”. It was in a dark church and the couple not well lit due to the lack of light. She then posted a picture with the title “And that’s where the magic happens” and the same pictures was absolutely transformed and gorgeous.

2. Reliability and security

With a professional photographer you have a contract. We have everything to loose as this is our business where our heart and soul goes in to. We want to give you the best service and experience on the day. We are reliable. Your friend might agree but in the end might get ill or can’t take the time of work. This will very rarely happen with a professional but if it does, we would do our very best to fiend you an equal replacement and with so many wonderful colleagues this is generally no problem. Security (I forgot to mention that in the video. Haha.) Your pictures will be secure. We use two cameras, both with double memory cards, backing them up as we go along. When we go home they are then stored in at least three different places including two different physical ones (have I bored you enough yet?) Anyway, this sounds boring but is super important. It is no good if someone takes great pictures of you but then their memory card fails or they drop their camera etc.

3. Telling the story of your day

Most wedding photographers class themselves as storytellers not just photographers. With your day professionally photographed and laid out in a beautiful online gallery or album, you’ll be able to relive the story of your day over and over again. We have been to so many weddings and know how they work. A friend might be aware of all the big things happening but not of all the little important moments in between that we take as part of a bigger picture and to tell your own personal story. We cull the images down to the very best, edited them in a professional way. Your friend might even just give you all the images her or she took and you are left to sort through them, I promise you’ll never look at those pictures the same way.

4. Your friend might not want to do it

People sometimes say yes to things because they want to do us a favour, but unless that friend is not from your close family and is trying to get into wedding photography and uses it as a portfolio builder (I think this is probably the only scenario where it is an option to not having a professional as that person will be on a good way to professional and will but their hear and soul into it), I think that person would definitely have a much better time on your day just being with you and enjoying themselves. It is a massiv amount of work and pressure to do someones wedding photography. That is what we are therefore and what we love to do. Your friend might find it rather stressful in the end.

5. Having the right photographer can make your day even better

If you find the right person, a calming friend who makes sure everything runs smoothly on the day, will take so much stress of you. You might really want a picture with your grandma or a photo of the cake which your uncle made. We have everything in place to make sure we capture all the things that are important to you. A friend might need a lot more guidance which then means more for you to think about and less time for you to enjoy your day.

If you still not sure I had a couple of thoughts as a little summary.

Would you ask your friend who as good scissors to cut your hair? Very likely not as they would not do the same great job as a professional hairdresser would but at least HAIR GROWS. A wedding day can never be replaced. There is no second chance.

It might seem like a big investment at the time but if you break that down over 30,40,50 years of marriage where you will be able to look at and remember your wonderful day, over and over again it is nothing.

And if you are still not sure just go round your friends and ask them to show you their wedding photos with special thoughts in mind about who took them.

I hope this was helpful. Just drop me a line if you have any more questions or leave me a comment below.

Much love,