Eco-friendly photography

One thing I really care about in life is the environment and how we humans treat our planet. I am trying to do my personal bit within the way I live my life and especially the way and what I consume. My new favourite things are shampoo bars, bamboo washing up sponges and toothbrushes and my beeswax wraps instead of clingfilm. Being able to run my photography business as green as possible feels great. Here are a few things I have in place.

Nobody can change everything but everybody can change



  • The energy for my home office is 100% renewable
  • All my batteries for my cameras as well as flashes are recharchable
  • No paperwork – All my client management including contracts is done online
  • I mainly work in Yorkshire to avoid long car journeys or in Munich where I can combine work with a family holiday. For York weddings you will sometimes see my on my bike with a big camera rucksack
  • I stopped giving clients wooden USB boxes as default in their package to avoid waste. If they are ordered seperately, then the wood comes from sustainable sources and I know they are being treasured and kept
  • All my flyers and booklets are printed on recycled paper
  • My albums don’t come with leather covers but a beautiful choice of cotton or hessian
  • Albums are made in Europe. materials sourced from sustainable sources, low energy pigment based printing and carbon neutral shipping