Why I needed a new photography website

Man, what a journey! One of the biggest rewards within the business is to overcome hurdles and feeling mega proud afterwards. Building my second own second website has been one of them. I used to be with a different provider but needed to have a WordPress website to improve my SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). I won’t bore you with the details. This is another thing I learned loads about along my self-employed journey and it can be drier than a piece of toast but once you have cracked it, it feels like an A in maths, and as I am a little geek at heart I am pretty into it. Plus I just can’t get my head round enjoying wedding fairs, so it is much better for me to get found online and then meet, talk on the phone, skype with my lovely couples in an environment that isn’t full of pastel colours and roses. This then ties in much more with my natural and relaxed approach and even saves money on fuel and print material which then ties in with my eco policy. Happy Alice. The other reason was that my old website was not really responsive when it came to tablets and phones, which is a massive thing as nearly 50% of clients find me on their phone and then my website looks like runny cheese on toast.

Customising my website and making it more “me”.

Natural, relaxed and eco friendly photography.

One of the things that enjoyed most is integrating my new logo and branding colours in my site and really optimising it to be faster and more user friendly. I had to do a lot of work to optimise my images to have the right size and tags. My portfolio has expanded so much during the last year and I just didn’t have the eye on what pictures to include as I had my website for to long to see clearly. I have learned a lot about myself, the business and my clients and wanted my natural, relaxed and fun approach to photography shine through on every page. Within this I used a lot more quotes and things about myself, like my love of Hip-Hop, some random facts about me and also the eco friendly approach that make things more personal.

Are you thinking of renewing your photography website?

Here is some resources that really helped me:

  • I bought the theme for my website from The Design Space and mine is the Folio theme. There loads of different themes out there in the end I had to make the choice between the Design Space and Flo Themes.  I still have no idea which one is “better” I think in the end you have to choose the look you like most, I think they are both pretty great.
  • I then build and customised the theme with help of the Divi builder. A very steep learning curve but once I got my head round it a little things became a lot clearer and easy to use.
  • I had to find a Host company for my site and I found the perfect one Eco host providing carbon neutral web hosting based in the UK
  • My logo is by the very talented graphic designer Annina Diston. Go check out her awesome work here

And then a special thanks to all my brilliant friends and colleagues who have saved me a few times from throwing myself out of the window out of frustration and thanks to Spotify and the music of Ray BLK, Loyle Carney, Ivy Sole, Carmody and many more who I could’t have done this journey without.