“Oh my goodness Alice, I bawled my eyes out when I saw our wedding pictures. How perfect they are.

It was so comforting to have you around, you felt like and old friend!”

– Jen and Sandeep

Natural wedding couple cheering walking through lavender confetti tunnel after ceremony
Wedding couple under autumnal tree with sun in background shining through veil smiling
Groom with hat hugging bride with flower crown at countryside ceremony
Bride and groom kissing in front of red and white smoke bombs
Wedding couple on Curbar edge in front of sunset with wind blowing in veil
Two brides with flower crown hugging next to farm wooden wall
Bride in red dress and groom touching noses in front of hot air balloons
Relaxed bride and groom dancing in sunset in front of field smiling at each other
Wedding couple portrait in front of metallic door groom kissing smiling bride on head with fairly lights in foreground
Bride putting ring on grooms finger with little bridesmaid with flower crown looking intrigued in the background
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